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Our Training Grant Program connects employers with powerful funding sources & training programs to upskill their employees.

Providing ongoing skills development opportunities improves retention, boosts performance, and can ultimately impact the bottom line. It also requires investment. We can help with that.


One Degree Impact works with employers to secure maximum funding for their employee training initiatives and other programs, which tie directly to overall business performance and profitability.


Employee training is the best investment for building a sustainable organization.  Whether it is driving efficiency to the bottom line with process improvement, increasing revenue with sales and marketing or building a stronger team from the inside out with employee wellness, our team is committed to supporting clients in accessing funding faster and building the training program best suited for scaling impact and reaching the most important goals.


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How It Works

Our experienced team understands the nuances of the grant funding process. We help our clients navigate the often-confusing landscape to secure the best funding for their specific needs. We regularly secure grants that cover 50 to 75% of a company’s training costs.


We currently work in Florida and New York, and have deep connections in the grant world throughout the United States.

Areas Include

Training Coordination

We help you create the training program that will be most beneficial to your employees and business.

Account Management

We manage the process to prepare everything you need for your application and reimbursement reporting.

Reimbursement Reporting

We help you file the required documentation for training cost reimbursement.

Calling All Trainers!

Are you a trainer whose courses might be eligible for Employee Training Grants? We’d love to hear from you.

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