Non-Profit Organizations

Breaking the Old Model Down, Building Capacity in its Place

We are a membership based nonprofit accelerator leading organizations to:

  • BUILD funder awareness

  • CREATE systems to cultivate meaningful relationships

  • LEVERAGE strategic partnerships

  • CRAFT compelling narratives to Foundations and Donors to scale their impact

We Build Systems to Leverage the Good You Do in the World

Applying for funding, of any kind, does not have to be scary, complicated, or a drain on resources. 

Our decades of experience in the industry, combined with collaboration with innovative partners, has led us to a new way of thinking about non-profits and funding. 

Building strategic relationships and communicating your story through impact leads to capacity.

There's no shortage for funding... let our team guide the strategy to securing the opportunity


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What can you expect from One Degree Impact?

We ARE Your…

  • Coach/Accountability Partner

  • Production Account Manager

  • Production Team

  • Funder Research Experts

  • Funder Narrative Experts


  • Consultants

  • Relationship Builders

  • Fundraisers

  • Development Team

Who’s Right for This Program?

One Degree Impact works with non-profits who:

  • Have been operational for at least three years with status as a 501(c)(3) or other grant-eligible entity.

  • Can provide a financial audit completed within the past two years

  • Have (and use) a working CRM

  • Have someone on their team who is comfortable reaching out and building relationships

  • Have an existing or in-development strategic plan that is regularly reviewed by Board of Directors

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